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23 Sep 2013

DAYS OF CULTURE | "Sharing A Significant Music®™" | In the Media, On the Net, Through the Arts

Celebrating: "Year-Long" Vision of Culture Days 

Current Project Features: Sharing “Significant Music®™

Combining 21st Century e-Learning Tools; incorporating Participatory Engagement Activities -- this Culture Days Event features: New Work - "Cirques' Progress" & select Multi-Award Winning Educational pieces from the Significant Music®™ Opus Library with a focus on opportunities for Distance Learning & Participation --- In the Media, On the Net & Through the Arts.

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Significant Music®™ Opus Library / e-Sheet Music MusicaNeo site: http://enniopaola.musicaneo.com/

Featured SoundCloud Audio Tracks: http://soundcloud.com/ennio-a-paola

Culture Days - (from the Archives: [In Retrospect]) 

 "Cirques' Progress" : Days of Culture Theme music from the Significant Music®™ Opus Library Collection "Rags Times & Related Eclectic Music"

Season 1: Sheet Music Feature"LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia di Dante"

2010 Activity - WELLAND, On  http://2010.culturedays.ca/en/celebration-schedule/view/4c893fba-f6b8-40bf-8d52-364e4c4a89be

Five Ideas On Engaging Youth and Schools In the Culture Days Movement


Season 2: Sheet Music Features"Hawkins' Hill Rag"|  "Island Fiesta"

Culture Days Companion "YouTube" Video: "Island Fiesta"

2011 Activity - NIAGARA FALLS, On http://2011.culturedays.ca/en/2011-activities/view/4dd09921-1d2c-4404-be85-6c384c4a89be

Culture Days: Ragtime in Niagara Falls – An Interview with Ennio Paola  http://culturedays.ca/blog/2011/09/14/ragtime-in-niagara-falls-an-interview-with-ennio-paola/

Sempre Avanti!



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