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Ennio A. Paola
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02 Jan 2016

“Significant Music®™ Opus Library” | Commissioning New Works

The “Significant Music®™ Opus Library” of Ennio A. Paola falls into 3 main thematic categories:

  • Dante and Music - principally, “LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia di Dante”
  • Dada and Music - principally, “Comets and Shadows”; “Le Gymnopédiste”
  • Rag Times & Eclectic Related Music - principally, “Rag Times”; “Three Dance Reveries: For One Crazed Girl”

N.B. Availability of the entire catalog, in both hard copy and online as pdf. files, is currently underway. Inquiries directed via e-mail regarding pricing, purchasing, and perusal, are most welcome — as are questions about commissioning new works.


Support for a world premier commission of a new work can be found via a wide range of resources … i.e. World Premier: “LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia di Dante - Cantica I: Canto X (After “THE KISS”)” … for 750th Anniversary Celebration of Dante : “Onorate L’Altissimo Poeta"

For more information on commissioning, please contact the composer

contact: sigmuse@pathcom.com



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