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30 Sep 2015


“LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia di Dante Cantica I: Canto V - After THE KISS” 

Ennio A. Paola, Composer | David Louie, Piano

World Premiere (Toronto):“Onorato L’Atissimo Poeta” 

Celebrating Dante 750TH Anniversary

Sunday, September 27, 2015

 "It was a pleasure and honour for us to have heard your music composition being played at yesterday's Dante celebration. The connection you made between music and poetry is an example of the creative talents that you have and that you express for us to enjoy . We both studied Dante in University many years ago and this concert renewed our enthusiasm and appreciation for one of Italy's greatest poets. Thank you.”

from: J. & E. Ciavarella



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