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20 Mar 2013

Re: “Comets & Shadows” ... and ... “LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia di Dante”

Re: "Comets & Shadows" 

"Ennio captures the evanescent life of my great-aunt with echoes of her strength and her sorrow, It is a haunting piece that acts as Angelika's sound signature. We are lucky to have found a composer with the sensitivity to put notes to a life."

"You were the Comet this time. Your musical brilliance added a great deal to the Exhibition and Play. Thank you so much". - Angie

• Angie Littlefield, "Angelika Hoerle: The Comet of Cologne" AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) Exhibit Guest Curator and Grand-Niece of Angelika Hoerle

via “The Art of Piano Pedagogy” FB Group - March 17, & 18 2013 

Re: "Comets & Shadows" “This is all so beautiful! I absolutely love your dissonances and beautiful basses. Very moving. I really loved your compositional style - since I am particularly fond of the Modernist school, and could recognize its legacy in your music." 

Re: "LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia Di Dante" "Really enjoyed listening to the morceaux of your 'Dante and Music' effort - a beautiful blend of intimism and Modernist compositional style. I was especially fascinated by Cantica III: Canto XXXIII (Dante Beholds The Universe) and your beautiful employment of dodecaphony. Bravo! Fantastic and really touching. ” Complimenti per la tua musica bella e raffinata! Ti auguro un grand sucesso!"

• Ana Beatriz Gaertner | Pianist | Cellist | Brasilia, Brazil

“Comets & Shadows” http://soundcloud.com/ennio-a-paola/comets-shadows

“LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia di Dante - Cantica I: Canto I - (Lost In A Dark Wood) ” http://soundcloud.com/ennio-a-paola/lux-in-tenebris-cantica-i



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