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Italian born | Canadian Composer, recognized for Composing, Arranging, Directing, numerous Collaborative Arts Events based on Multi-Award Winning Music Curriculum; Scores & Activities -- including, and in support, of Dantesque scholarly works"LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia di Dante"; "SatieSQUE small talk", A Music Literacy Primer in the Collaborative Arts; Themes of Peace, from: ("In Tacit Understanding: One Community Under the Same Sky"to: Year-Round "Days of Culture", via "Sharing Significant Music®™" Audio Timeline Presentations, including, but not limited to: "Rag Times & Eclectic Related Music: | In Retrospect | In Ordinary | & In Prospect" |

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Awards include: Roy C. Hill Award (Canadian Teachers' Federation), City of Pickering (Canada) Civics Award (Arts & Culture), "BBC-Music Magazine: Improvisation Composition Competition" realized by Matthew Barley & "Between the Notes Ensemble" (UK); [ see Track 4 - "Chord Sequence" -"EXTRAORDINARY IMPROVISATIONS" ]

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29 June 2014, News
"Significant Music®™ | New Horizons Band"
Just completed leading initial 12-week local "New Horizons Band" program ... Received a number of messages along similar theme ... "Been amazing -- think the enthusiasm and success of members speaks volumes to talent  of the wonderful ...
23 September 2013, News
DAYS OF CULTURE | "Sharing A Significant Music®™" | In the Media, On the Net, Through the Arts
Celebrating: "Year-Long" Vision of  Culture Days   Current Project Features:  Sharing “Significant Music®™ Combining 21st Century e-Learning Tools; incorporating Participatory Engagement Activities -- this Culture Days Event ...